Our next appearance: at The Emporium, Bristol

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At The Emporium, 37 Stokes Croft

17 Nov – 3 Dec, 2010

open 12:00-19:00, Mon-Sat

The Museum of the Catalysm features a range of artefacts, scale models and reconstructions showing what life was like before, during, and after the catalytic events of the 21st and 22nd centuries. Showcasing treasures from the age of affluence alongside examples of the creative solutions that characterised life during and after the crisis, the Museum presents a spectacular and fascinating archaeology of growth, collapse and survival – and the lessons to be learnt from our turbulent past.

After its first spectacular debut as a travelling exhibit in the Bristol Village Fayre earlier this year, FUTUREMuseum is looking to expand its display to incorporate a greater range of exhibits from its collection, alongside new models and artist’s reconstructions that will focus on the time of regeneration and recovery that was the birth of our society as it is today.

Piecing together a fragmented history from the objects and stories which reach us from the past, the exhibition perhaps asks more questions than it can answer, but there is plenty to think about in the well-considered displays, and you will find your imagination fired by the vivid stories and portrayals of life as it may have been.