FutureMuseum at PLaCE Speaker Series, UWE

Artist’s talk: Jethro Brice
Future Recall: the fluid tense as a
creative strategy

Thursday 29th March 2012, 18.00-19.30

Department of Art and Design
Faculty of Creative Arts, Humanities and Education
University of the West of England, Bower Ashton Campus
Kennel Lodge Road, Bristol, BS3 2JT

Room: 0D37

Photo: Jethro Brice, Artist’s Impression of a Coastal Settlement in the Early Post-Catalystic Period (detail)

The FutureMuseum project is a kaleidoscopic collection of found and fabricated artefacts, models and images, and presents the viewer with a fragmentary archaeology of the future.Jethro Brice will discuss some of the conceptual and creative tools that have informed the project’s creation. He will ask whether these can contribute to envisioning sustainable and autonomous futures. How can the use of the past tense free our thinking from the tyranny of the present? Can a long-term appreciation of fluid landscapes alter the way we situate ourselves within them?

FutureMuseum offers a time-rich perspective on human processes of change and adaptation in and of the landscape. This method is not only a route to imagining possible futures but, more importantly, it helps us to see the present from a perspective less constrained by current dominant narratives. It allows us to draw a possible thread of continuity, from counter-
narratives of the past to future solutions, finding resilience in the realisation that landscapes evolve on a longer time-scale than human societal structures. The talk will present the FutureMuseum project as both a collection of artefacts and a technique for working ‘in the field’, stretching the bounds of observational drawing, pursuing the notion of Recalling the Future.

Jethro Brice grew up in London and Jerusalem, studied at the Glasgow School of Art (BA (Hons) Environmental Art, 2006) and has lived and worked in cities across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. With a practice spanning public art, installation, drawing and book-works, his work applies a wry humour to the enigmas and conflicts of human existence with and in nature. He has had solo and joint shows in Budapest, Glasgow and Bristol.

Flyer (pdf)

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