Guest Exhibition: MOSE

This special exhibition features a small collection of artefacts on loan from the Museum of Space Exploration (MOSE).

The objects on display originate  from the planet Nujema in the Xillian Galaxy, and were collected  from the previously unexplored planet by wayfarer vessels during an extensive period of exploration, around the beginning of the present millennium.

Visitors can be assured that all artefacts were decontaminated and have been retested by MOSE xenobiologists to SE 5320.

Nujema  has a decayed atmosphere consisting primarily of carbon dioxide (>90%), along with other elements including nitrogen and argon with trace amounts of water vapour and other gases. The atmosphere extends 12kms into space and the ship Stellar Pioneer (Wayfarer special class) passed through dense dust clouds to reach orbit.

A small pathfinder vessel patrolling from the mother ship uncovered this cache of artefacts, which show clear manifestations of material manipulation, both in manufacture and decoration. Little is known about the origins of the excavated material or its subsequent history.

Please note: MOSE reserves the right to substitute nanoassembled replicas of original artefacts where appropriate.

Clay artefacts found on the planet Nujema. Sawdust fired porcelain dated around 2800.

Cast artefacts from the Nujema cache. The purpose of these objects is unknown, however their decorated surfaces and regular form suggest a materially and culturally developed culture, and possibly a ritual or religious use.

FutureMuseum visitors can also access the full MOSE collection here.

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