2 responses to “Guestbook

  1. Tu as vraiment cette vision du nouveau monde, battît sur les ruines de l’ancien qui nous colle aux baskets, continu à être un optimiste précurseur de demain!
    J’espère que tu n’as pas était emporté par le vent la nuit où je t’ai laissé près d’Avignon …Hope to see U one of these days…

  2. Jethro’s work has a real resonance with me. My envisaging of the possible future is very similar. Almost uncanny. We approach it in slightly different ways; mine is to paint pictures in people’s minds with the power of storytelling from Transition Tales Somerset; Future Museum’s is to actually paint/sketch, build models then photograph them. Truly astonishing pieces of art in their own right. Personally I am gripped by the photography. In awe.
    I was lucky enough to meet Jethro at the Living Flood Histories Conferences. An interesting, intriguing and nice chap!
    Maybe we will see a collaboration between Future Museum and Transition Tales Somerset?
    A pleasure to roam around this site.

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