Welcome to the online home of FUTUREMUSEUM’s collection – the Museum of Catalysm.

light-bulb oil lampHere you can browse  through some of the  items in the museum’s collection, which features a range of artefacts, period artwork, scale models and reconstructions showing what life was like before, during, and after the catalytic events of the 21st and 22nd centuries.

What is ‘Catalysm’?

The word ‘Catalysm’ was first devised by historians to describe the momentous upheavals of the 21st century. A fusion of the words ‘cataclysm’ and ‘catalyst’, the word evokes the sheer scale of individual and ecological tragedy that marked the collapse of global climate systems, ecology and civilisation, whilst at the same time acknowledging the critical role of these events in setting the scene for the emergence of human society as we know it today.

Showcasing treasures from the age of affluence alongside examples of the creative solutions that characterised life during and after the crisis, the Museum presents a spectacular and fascinating archaeology of growth, collapse and survival – and the lessons to be learnt from our turbulent past.