FUTUREMUSEUM is a mobile and evolving project and can be adapted to suit different contexts of display. It has been well received in different settings from public urban spaces to gallery displays. Please contact us if you are interested in featuring FUTUREMUSEUM at a public venue or event you are involved in organising.

FUTUREMUSEUM is also interested in hearing from artists, writers, researcers, activists and others who wish to collaborate or to become involved in the FUTUREMUSEUM project.

FUTUREMUSEUM is currently funded entirely by the generousity of its viewers and dedication of its contributors. If you would like to contribute to the project or are able to help with raising funds to support it, we would be glad to hear from you.


FUTUREMUSEUM can be reached at:

Credits and thanks:

FUTUREMUSEUM is currently produced and curated mainly by Jethro Brice. Mark Leach was a co-creator of Wunderkammer and continues to be a big support. The project would not exist without the help and support of many contributors and friends. Rowan Matthiessen, Todd Legler, Richard J Andersen, Hannah Buss, Tashi Gregorska, The Emporium Gallery Collective, Bristol Create Centre, Yael Ben-Gigi, Zöe Birrell, Loïc Verbiguié, and Kate & Michael Foster are among them.


All content on this website  was created by Jethro Brice except  Wunderkammer and Artefacts by Jethro Brice & Mark Leach, or where credit is otherwise specified. Material is held under a Creative Commons License 2.5. You are welcome to reuse content for non-commercial purposes, providing credit is given and providing that work produced is made available under similar terms of license. Please inform FUTUREMUSEUM of any public use of the material. Thank you.