The Wunderkammión was FutureMuseum’s first manifestation and made its debut appearance at the Harbourside Festival in Bristol.

Hailing from some unknown time in the distant future, this roving cabinet of curiousities holds a ramshackle collection of artefacts salvaged from the ancient ruins of 21st-century civilisation.

The Wunderkammión displays treasures from a forgotten age of affluence, alongside examples of the creative solutions that characterised life in a rapidly changing environment. It presents a spectacular and fascinating archaeology of growth, collapse and survival – and the lessons to be learnt from our turbulent past.

The Wunderkammión’schanging exhibitions explore significant themes around ecological sustainability and change, focussing on life at the scale of individual choices, empowerment and grass roots action.

FutureMuseum is a living, evolving project, adapted and developed through each new appearance and collaboration. The Wunderkammión has appeared at events as diverse as the Bristol Harbour Festival, the Langport Jubilee and Fringe Arts Bath. Past collaborations have included Kilter Theatre (kiltertheatre.org) and OSR Projects (osrprojects.net). The Wunderkammión is also available to hire for community events, exhibitions and festivals in and around Bristol and the South West.

To share your ideas, suggest a collaboration or find out about hiring the Wunderkammión please contact the lead artist at jethrobrice@gmail.com or via the FutureMuseum website (futuremuseum.org.uk)

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